Tupperware Malaysia Flyer Mei 2016 (2-31 Mei) Ramadhan Mubarak

ORDER: Pin 7C637074, SMS+WhatsApp +6287782820601

Tupperware Malaysia Mando Chef
Free: Mando Chef Mat
RM 299
Rp 815.000 <Ongkir dari Batam>

Tupperware Malaysia Kurma Gift Set
– Santa Fe Bowl 1.2L (1pc)
– Kurma 300gr
– Gift Box
RM 42.8
Rp 116.000 <Ongkir dari Batam>

Tupperware Malaysia Royal Rose Set
– One Touch Canister Small 2L (2pcs)
– One Touch Topper Small 950ml (4pcs)
RM 159.9
Rp 435.000 / 6pcs <Ongkir dari Batam>

Tupperware Malaysia Fridge Water Bottle With Pouch Set
– Fridge Water Bottle 2L (2pcs)
– Free: Hydro Cool Pouch (1pc)
RM 90
Rp 245.000 / 3pcs <Ongkir dari Batam>

ORDER: Pin 7C637074, SMS+WhatsApp +6287782820601

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